Water Myths #2: A Certain Type of Water is “Dead Water”

This is our series of articles dedicated to cutting through the misinformation and scams about water.

Another ridiculous claim made by people selling their latest and greatest (and of course patented) magic water machine is that their machine produces “living water” and that other types of water, such as distilled water is “dead water”.

So here’s the truth: water is not alive. Water is the primary component of life, but it’s not alive itself. There is NO form of water that is alive and there is no form of water that is dead. There is no machine that can make water alive or dead. Water is a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

So whenever you hear anyone making a silly claim that certain water is “living water” and that other water is “dead water”, run away. You are hearing a sales pitch from either someone who doesn’t know what he’s talking about or worse, they know exactly what they are talking about and they are intentionally misleading you.

The fact is that water is water and the only difference between ocean water, raw sewage and pure distilled water are the contaminants that are in the water. Put pure water into your body and avoid long-term exposure to harmful chemicals that are showing up in an increasing number of water supplies. Our premium water distillers are the best at cleaning your water.

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