So what is distilled water?

Today I’d like to discuss the terminology of different water treatment methods, as it can be quite confusing.  There is a whole book published about the scientific terminology of water, which is fairly complicated, so my goal is to explain it for you in everyday language.

 “Purified water” is a term used to describe water that has undergone some treatment by certain filters or distillation. The term “purified water” is a looser definition, so water that has been “purified” can range from being very clean water to somewhat clean water.  So in our opinion, “purified” is not really a good enough description.

So now let’s talk about the term “distilled water”. Distilled water is purified water. Remember that water is water. The only difference between tap water, sewage water, ocean water and distilled water are the contaminants that are (or are not) in the water. So fundamentally, there is no difference between water that has been cleaned by a filter or a distiller, except for how clean it is (an important distinction).

The term “distilled water” is a more specialized term, because the process of distillation is more effective at removing a full range of contaminants as well as providing consistency of purity. There is still some variability in distilled water though depending upon 1) the quality of the water distiller (not all water distillers are created equally), 2) the material that the water is stored in, 3) how long the distilled water has been stored (if it’s stored in a low-grade material, 4) whether the distilled water is stored in a sterile environment and 5) whether the distilled water has undergone additional treatment methods.

So we make premium water distillers that make excellent distilled water. We store the water in high-grade stainless steel, which preserves the purity of the water. Our water distillers include air filters to prevent airborne contaminants into the storage tank and our distillers are capable of being steam-sterilized. All of our systems are not just water distillers, but they combined other treatment methods so we actually go beyond just “distilled water”.

I hope this explanation helps.


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