Which Countertop Distiller Should I Buy?

Pure Water Mini-Classic II Water Distiller

The Pure Water Mini-Classic II is a heavy-duty, American-made water distiller with an expected lifespan of over 15 years!

The countertop distiller market has become much more web-oriented over the last few years due to an increased demand for distillation and the amount of research that consumers are doing online with regard to their drinking water. These types of distillers do not require installation and are less expensive than automatic distillers.

There are many different kinds of countertop distillers available but what makes one different from the other? We’ve discussed what consumers should look for in a water distiller in several previous articles but let’s take a few points into consideration with regard to countertop distillers.

Where is the distiller made?
Don’t overlook this point when searching for a countertop distiller, because the quality of the product offered is a real issue. Most of the countertop distillers on the market today are manufactured outside of the United States to lower production costs and increase the profit per sale for these high volume retailers.

What is the distiller made out of?
Many consumers are aware of the dangers of plastics and this shouldn’t be overlooked when shopping for a water distiller. As many countertop distillers on the market feature plastic construction and plastic containers to store the distilled water this makes the quality of the distilled water suspect at best. There have been a great number of reports about the dangers of foreign plastics and with the increased number of countertop distillers being manufactured abroad from plastic materials it follows that these distillers might contain the same chemicals many people are trying to avoid.

What is the distiller’s average life cycle?
If you cannot find this answer when researching a countertop distiller the chances are that it’s not very long. You can infer a lot from a manufacturer’s warranty with regard to the life of the product. If the manufacturer only warrants its product for 90 days or one year then how long should you really expect the distiller to last? You can also find out more by asking about replacement parts. Are they available? What kinds of costs are involved with getting them from the manufacturer? In finding these things out you can determine whether you want to buy a cheap distiller every 1-3 years or if there’s a higher-priced distiller that has a longer lifespan.

What is the distiller effectively removing from my water?
Many manufacturers use very broad terminology when discussing what their distillers will remove from your drinking water without conducting any analytical testing. Ask for this when talking to the manufacturer. You’re buying a product to remove things from your water. Wouldn’t you like to know exactly what it can do? Not all distillers are built the same and there are many product features that can attribute to the most important consideration which is the purity of the water you will get from it.

Taking some of these things into consideration can have an impact on many facets of your life. You’re most likely shopping for the best value in a water distiller. Is that value based on what you pay today or what you’re going to pay in the long run if you buy an inferior product that doesn’t last? You’ve most likely decided to research countertop water distillers because of the benefits of drinking distilled water. If you don’t do your homework when buying a water distiller, you might not be getting all of those benefits. If you’re truly concerned about the dangers of drinking contaminated water, is it really worth it to buy an inexpensive, ineffective and short-lived product to remove the contaminants?

Our Mini-Classic II is the best countertop distiller on the market. It’s American-Made, constructed with heavy duty stainless steel, and it has a limited 15 year warranty. It produces high-purity, great tasting water and stores the fresh distilled water in a glass container so you avoid plastics. Also, since there is no installation required it is extremely simple so it can be set up and moved very easily.

Unlike other countertop distillers, the Mini-Classic II is designed to never boil dry which makes cleaning much easier and ensures a higher level of purity.

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  1. Eldon Muehling May 22, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

    Good Job (as usual) Ryan. You covered all the points quite well!

  2. Sara November 22, 2012 at 8:07 pm #

    Hi I wanted to find out if mini-classic-2 compatible with world wide electricity. I’m from Australia and was wondering wether it will work here. Thanks!

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