Dealer & Distributor Holiday Specials

At Pure Water, 'tis the season for you to make money, while helping people improve their health!

We are happy to announce our holiday specials exclusively for our current and soon to be dealers and distributors.

We hope this special will excite and motivate you to go out and maximize your holiday sales of Pure Water Distillers! There are two parts to the special…

First, we have included some excellent gift cards with the purchase of each distiller that you purchase from us. We have picked some excellent companies to team up with, such as DEAN & DELUCA, GNC, Target, Amazon, and of course, you can use it as a credit to future purchases of Pure Water Distillers. Use these gift cards yourself to buy presents for your family, or give them out as incentives for people who purchase distillers from you. You can also use them as rewards for existing customers who give your referrals. Get creative!

Second, we are also having a drawing for two Kindle Fire Tablets. These are amazing new tablet computers from Amazon! They are going to be one of the hottest selling tablets this season. Every time you purchase a distiller from us, you get entered into the drawing. For each Mini that you purchase you get one entry, for every Midi you get two entries and for every Mega you get FIVE entries!

For each Mini-Classic CT that you order you will receive a $10 gift certificate and one entry into the Kindle Fire Drawing!

For each Midi-Classic that you order you will receive a $75 gift certificate and two entries into the Kindle Fire Drawing!

For each Mega-Classic that you order you will receive a $125 gift certificate and FIVE entries into the Kindle Fire Drawing!

Download the special (click here).

Give us a call today at 1-800-875-5915, extension 327 (international distributors call us at 402-467-9300, extension 303).  Or email us by clicking here.

We have also prepared a special that you can send to your customers (click here). Regarding this special offer for your customers, please note that this is an optional program that you don't have to take part in. See the terms and conditions listed on Let us know if you want some help doing a mailing to your customers!