Mark Wickering

I was a car hauler in 1986 hauling cars to dealers on the big rigs supporting my fledgling family. My daughter was just born February 4. I was able to help with the birth but then
was back to work while my wife recuperated with 5 days in hospital. When my wife and daughter came home the 5th day, I was able to be home the first night. It was wonderful until tiny Monica started to cry and wouldnʼt stop. She cried and cried no matter what we did. We offered her breastfeeding but she wanted something else. I only had a Pure Water Clean Water Machine for our drinking water which required us to manually make 3/4 gallon at a time. We hadnʼt been able to run it and we were out of drinking water.

I started the distiller. Meanwhile, Monica cried relentlessly. Finally, I had enough water to fill a small baby bottle. I still had a mental picture of her little face as she pushed the bottle with tap water away when we offered. She made a disgusted look. When I offered the bottle of distilled water she tasted it tentatively, then immediately started sucking as if her little life depended on it. She didnʼt stop until the bottle was dry; then satisfied, she went right to sleep and slept non stop until I got up for work. Now, as a corporate attorney working for a big firm, Monica Wickering- Stover still drinks distilled water every day as she has done since her first day home.

Youʼve got to love Pure Water distillers!

Mark Wickering