There are three values in having one of your family distillers, the first being unrivaled quality and the second being point of manufacture (after-purchase service). My first countertop from you was shipped to Manila in 1988, worked for me in Hong Kong, went back to Manila, and now sits in our kitchen here in Nebraska. Certainly one of the best investments I have ever made. I own two other distillers from you; both are as flawless as the first. Now for the third value (this is the important one): having one of your distillers means that your family will have uninterrupted access to pure water, and this is the value of values when you speak of family health. As a person who periodically likes to complain, I do feel a little short-changed, as you have never given me any reason to complain about anything.

What you do not hear about the offshore distillers is of their demise, and the pains the owner has to go through trying to make his investment work for him and his family. I have seen this all over Asia. Certainly not all, but many, of these distillers end up in the junk heap — after poisoning the minds of many about the necessity of distilled water. At the end of the day, you always get what you pay for.

You guys take a righteous pride out of what you produce, not because you make money, but because of your vision and how it helps people, many times, for a lifetime.