Customer Testimonials

Reflecting on this appliance (stainless steel) I purchased (and shared with others) #40 some years ago and it’s still operating perfectly creating safe,clean water here in our home !! The Ice Cubes are clear and the beverages all have TASTE close to what they are suppose to – Thank you Dr. James Caviezel, DC (Mt. Vernon,Washington—–Son-Jim- TV and Movies ) for urging me to make this purchase .

$$$ I have spent on many things–(-just ask my wife and the kids !!) BUT this CHOICE was one of the BEST for myself and Family !!

DALE RUSH-Tacoma, Washington

We own a Mini Classic for over 10 years and are using it every day 2 – 3 times. All we drink and cook with is using distilled water from the Mini Classic. It was one of the best investments made ever. My compliments to an honest and professional company which makes a superior product, has outstanding service and the most excellent people to deal with.
I have recommended your company to various friends in the past and will continue to do so.

Rolf Mueller
Ontario, Canada

Thanks for your email.  I live in PA and I have owned a Pure Water Fountain since 1979.  It is still running strong and I would recommend your products to anyone willing to listen.

I’ve owned the mini classic pure water distiller for about 2 years now and still love it a lot.
I run it everyday, sometimes twice a day and its still working great.

I love the design of this model and it only touches glass after its done………no plastic.
That a pretty big deal with distilled water.

I honestly believe drinking distilled water throughout the day is one of the best things you can do health wise.
Also distillation is the only way to remove 100% of fluoride and also the best filtering method in existence!

It is a bit expensive at 1st to buy a pure water distiller, but the product is solid and well built…… cheap Chinese made plastic junk here……….made in good old USA!
The unit (Mini Classic) is solid and heavy, but still a reasonable size for the kitchen.

99% of all the fluids I drink all day everyday come from my pure water distiller.
the water just taste so pure and clean.
My wife bought some spring water at the movies when I didn’t have my distilled water with me and after drinking distilled, we couldn’t stand to drink the spring water……..we never realized how bad it tasted til after being used to drinking distilled only.
The distilled is much more pure and clean tasting vs spring water.
distilled water is the purest, cleaning tasting water, and I don’t want anything else.

Do yourself and your health a favor and buy a distiller.
in the long run it will pay for itself as your health will improve!

I am not affiliated with this company in any way…….I’ve just an extremely happy customer that has a passion for distilled water.

I bought my first Pure Water distiller in 1975 when they units were all manual fill. I had the large unit and the small emergency unit that distilled over a stove or a camp fire. ( I wish I still had that one) I bought the Aqua D 2000 in 1997, sold it in 2007 and bought the new Mega Classic. So, as you can see, Pure Water distillers have been a large part of my family’s life for 37 years. I also have recommended to my health patients over the years that they drink only pure distilled water.

Dr. Gary Gregg

Vibrant Life Center for Natural Health