Mark Wickering

I was a car hauler in 1986 hauling cars to dealers on the big rigs supporting my fledgling family. My daughter was just born February 4. I was able to help with the birth but then was back to work while my wife recuperated with 5 days in hospital. When my wife and daughter came […]


You have terrific products, which I tell everyone about when I have a chance. We greatly appreciate your keeping up that old fashioned American quality–and service–things which are becoming rare with so many products now being manufactured overseas and becoming “junkified”. Please don’t ever move out of the US –we want to be able to […]

Paul Gheer

THANK YOU, is all I can say for restoring my faith in American ingenuity. America has become such a disposable, throw-away society that I really didn’t think any high quality products were still being made anywhere. I researched everything I could, but the reviews and information cannot do this distiller justice. The level of quality […]


I bought our Mini-Classic 8 years ago and have been distilling water ever since. It is an absolutely fantastic machine and produces the highest quality water available. It also saves a ton of money since we don’t have to buy ‘bottled water’ although to be honest I wouldn’t drink that stuff anyway since I don’t […]

Rolf Mueller

My compliments to an honest and professional company which makes a superior product, has outstanding service and the most excellent people to deal with. I have recommended your company to various friends in the past and will continue to do so.


There are three values in having one of your family distillers, the first being unrivaled quality and the second being point of manufacture (after-purchase service). My first countertop from you was shipped to Manila in 1988, worked for me in Hong Kong, went back to Manila, and now sits in our kitchen here in Nebraska. […]

Daniel Pokorski

We have a gravity feed purifier with filter “candles”. It works great, but the candles always get stopped up in winter and a new set costs upward of $170. We use the water primarily for drinking and keeping my wife’s marine aquarium topped off. We purchased a Model PD three weeks ago and, WOW!, is […]

Bob Handschiegel

I became a distributor in 1982 and have used the same Midi for over thirty years. I have had to do some repairs on it (still has the original coil). It shines a little more from polishing it. I use a Midi Classic at another house. Says something about the quality. I have used distilled […]

Faye C. Jurisich-Nunn

I bought my first Distiller from your company back in 1975…’s outside distilling right now…..we use it everyday…..occasionally I’ll replace a part. Maybe one of these days we’ll buy another one ( larger model). I’ve been drinking distilled water since 1975 and (in spite of criticism from some soul here or there) my bone density […]

Hawley Gary

I have owned a Midi-D for over two decades. Thank you for producing such a fine product. I own a Midi-D model MSD-U.