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    There are three values in having one of your family distillers, the first being unrivaled quality and the second being point of manufacture (after-purchase service). My first countertop from you was shipped to Manila in 1988, worked for me in Hong Kong, went back to Manila, and now sits in our kitchen here in Nebraska. Certainly one of the best investments I have ever made. I own two other distillers from you; both are as flawless as the first. Now for the third value (this is the important one): having one of your distillers means that your family will have uninterrupted access to pure water, and this is the value of values when you speak of family health. As a person who periodically likes to complain, I do feel a little short-changed, as you have never given me any reason to complain about anything.

    What you do not hear about the offshore distillers is of their demise, and the pains the owner has to go through trying to make his investment work for him and his family. I have seen this all over Asia. Certainly not all, but many, of these distillers end up in the junk heap — after poisoning the minds of many about the necessity of distilled water. At the end of the day, you always get what you pay for.

    You guys take a righteous pride out of what you produce, not because you make money, but because of your vision and how it helps people, many times, for a lifetime.

    I became a distributor in 1982 and have used the same Midi for over thirty years. I have had to do some repairs on it (still has the original coil). It shines a little more from polishing it. I use a Midi Classic at another house. Says something about the quality.

    I have used distilled water for many years because of kidney stones. Looking at the water quality thats available, it’s well worth the effort even if I never had kidney stones.

    My Daughter gives her three German Shepards and cats distilled water, that’s all they ever had.

    I have both sold distillers for Pure Water, and have been a customer for 30 years. I really believe in the product, and it’s health benefits. The fact that they are putting fluoride in our tap water without our consent should be enough to get anyone to STOP DRINKING TAP WATER! Add trihalomethanes, etc. and you have a toxic cocktail for your family to drink — and it’s only going to get worse! Our water company recently DOUBLED the amount of TDS in ppm in our local tap water — terrible! keep up the great work Pure Water — your products ROCK!!!

    I bought my first Pure Water distiller in 1975 when they units were all manual fill. I had the large unit and the small emergency unit that distilled over a stove or a camp fire. ( I wish I still had that one) I bought the Aqua D 2000 in 1997, sold it in 2007 and bought the new Mega Classic. So, as you can see, Pure Water distillers have been a large part of my family’s life for 37 years. I also have recommended to my health patients over the years that they drink only pure distilled water.

    Dr. Gary Gregg

    Vibrant Life Center for Natural Health

    I started out with a Midi Clasic, and loved it. I bought a Mega Clasic in 2002, and it sure is nice to have distilled water at the sink! It is fun to freeze a tray of ice with ice cicles protruding from the top of the cube. The water is so pure that as it freezes it pushes the remaining water up making the stalagmite.

    I sold a couple of Fountain Classic units to my work place, and the employees just about drain it every day! They are lost if for some reason it needs service.

    My well water reads at 475ppm TDS. The Mega Classic cleans it up to maybe 1 or 2 ppm. Of course, since the city is injecting surplus treated city water in to the Aquifer I am glad that I have distilled water to drink!

    I want to thank Pure and Secure for making such high quality distillers. I have repaired some very old Distillers, and probably should not continue doing that because the old distillers work so good that I can’t sell a new one to these folks! (Of course it is a good recomendation to sell to another customer that Pure Water Distillers lasf and last!)

    You have terrific products, which I tell everyone about when I have a chance. We greatly appreciate your keeping up that old fashioned American quality–and service–things which are becoming rare with so many products now being manufactured overseas and becoming “junkified”.

    Please don’t ever move out of the US –we want to be able to get another good quality distiller from you when ours finally gets too old and dies.




    We have purchased and used Pure Water distillers for about the past 35 years. We also have had a dealership with the company for many years until retiring and moving to another state. We have been very happy with Pure Water and their quality distillers. Dealing with Pure Water in any case has been enjoyable, the personal have been friendly and helpful. We are happy to see you are still manufacturing Pure Water distillers in the good ole U.S.A.

    Yours for drinking pure water,

    Tom and Joan Brewster

    I have owned a Midi-D for over two decades. Thank you for producing such a fine product. I own a Midi-D model MSD-U.

    Thanks for your help and I just wanted to mention what great customer service you have! Was so pleased to get this unit and was pleasantly surprised it was made in the good old USA!

    I recently purchased the Mini Classic CT. I have had other counter top distillers but specifically choose your product because it is all stainless steel and glass PLUS the fact it is made in America. I immediately noticed an improved taste in the water from this distiller compared to my other model, which has plastic parts. I feel compelled to make it known of the tremendous differences in distillers I have personally experienced. Had I known what I have now learned I could have spared myself the expenditure of literally hundreds of dollars on the inferior models previously purchased.

    I want to say so much about your product and service! Now having used the distiller for a few weeks I am certain I made the right choice, keeping in mind I am VERY particular. The water quality is most definitely superior to the two previous distillers I have used from other “reputable” companies.

    I would like to also mention that I use the distilled water for my pets, houseplants, reconstituting dried foods, cooking rice and noodles etc. Last but not least, hurray for a product MADE IN AMERICA!!!

    Feel free to quote me on anything I write to you, I sincerely meant every word of it. I WILL tell my friends and family about your product! I just have to tell you one more thing…..with my other distillers I was so dissatisfied with the taste of the finished water I used it for all mentioned except drinking….I was buying bottled Fiji water! Isn’t that funny? But now I am drinking the distilled water and the savings will more than pay for my wonderful distiller! Thanks again for everything,

    I think and believe that the best way to help people is to teach them the truth, And the truth is that the purest water in this world is the distilled water.

    I am a Biologist ,I studied at the University of Nuevo Leon, Mexico and as a scientist I always look for news in the market.

    The first time I drank distilled water was in Houston Tx ,some relative bought a distilled water machine and I liked so much that made me addictive to the water taste and no only the flavor, although all the benefits that this kind of water makes in the human body.

    I have been a retired Biologist for 10 years and since then I am looking for a product that can help people… I hope hear from you and make excellent business in the health world.”

    I bought my first Distiller from your company back in 1975…..it’s outside distilling right now…..we use it everyday…..occasionally I’ll replace a part. Maybe one of these days we’ll buy another one ( larger model). I’ve been drinking distilled water since 1975 and (in spite of criticism from some soul here or there) my bone density tests indicate my bone density is above average . The taste and purity of the water that we get daily makes drinking the ‘sludge’ that comes out of the tap a terrifying and undesirable alternative. Thanks for the great long lasting product.

    I started drinking distilled water (while aboard ship in the US Navy) in 1952. I drink distilled water to this day. My distiller is manufactured by PURE & SECURE of Lincoln, NE, USA. I feel like I’m 35 and I will become 81 years on 9-8-2011.

    Recently I bought one of your Mini Classic IIs and I already think it’s great! The quality of your product deserves to be shared.

    Thank you,

    Stop and look no further, if you are looking to make pure water at home then the mini classic is the steam water distiller for you. My wife and I have been looking at distillers off and on for about two years, we live very healthy lifestyles and the one thing that was missing was pure water that we could make at home. We do our homework on all big purchases we make for ourselves. We are very proud Americans and purchase as much as we can made here in the U.S.A. It is nice to know that there are still companies that pride themselves on keeping Americans employed, and making quality products like we used to make, and with a fifteen year warranty on the machine you know it is of great quality.We have owned this distiller for about three weeks. We have 3 five gallon glass jugs that we use with a water dispenser in our kitchen. We filled all three of them up in about five days running that machine non stop, it never missed a beat. The quality of this machine is the best bar none. It is definately a machine that will be passed down in the family. It is very low maintenance, easy to use, beautifully designed (looks excellent on the kitchen counter) and the quality, and taste of the water is out of this world. We used to fill our jugs up at a local health food store, since we have well water with high iron count. Now we fill it up with the well water and about three hours later a full gallon of pure water. Again we cant say enough about the product, keep up the good work Pure and Secure. -Kirt from cleveland ohio

    thank you very much for your personal note to us. It meant the world to us and makes me feel and know I picked the right company to do business with. That was very thoughtful and we appreciate it very, very much. We will be placing another order in the future and look forward to doing business with your and your family for a long time. Thank you for making a quality American made product.

    Best regards,

    R. Bowers, Virginia

    Got my Mini Classic II a few years ago. Love its simplicity and reliability. Quiet humming in the background makes it possible to run it in my yoga studio. Easy to fill and descale once every three months or so. Thank you all who make this machine. My water is safe because of you. I recommend to all my students to get this distiller, and not worry about the other brands as they invariably boil the coils or plate dry.

    well lets start off with it will be the best purchase of a life time now that might sound heavy handed but please read on to find my basis for this claim first of all ive had the same machine for some twenty odd years now and never a single problem ever how many things can you say that about it has so many unforseen uses that it again was the best thing ive done for myself on many levels so let me get into the story that you can feel free to look up yourself if you so desire in 1993 in milwaukee wi a nasty little guy called Cryptosporidiosis appeared as an outbreak in the water supply 400.000 people became infected and had some not so nice things start to happen to them some 100 people died from this outbreak and has been called one of the largest waterborne out breaks in the united states now with this said and me having one of the distillers i had never became ill during the outbreak and was fine during the whole thing with that being the case i refer back to my claim of it being the best thing ive done for myself as i was not one of the 100 dead or 400.000 that became ill do yourself the favor of buying one of these distillers and never look back i have been happy with my purchase in so many ways if your thinking about the safety of your water you have to go no further then pure water let me end with my last bit of advice ‘ JUST DO IT ‘

    my family has been drinking steam distilled water over 50 years. i do not have kid ney stones ,harden arteries calcium deposits in any of my joints.iam well over 82 years old and never have spent time in the hospital. i will go the rest of my years on steamed water. nothing lives past the steam.

    I bought my little distiller more than 45 years ago and had it refurbished about three years ago and it is just like NEW. I just had my 89th birthday two weeks ago. I can’t run around the block any more; however, I still fly my Beechcraft V35B Bonanza. I am the last living voice in the Yogi Bear Show, produced in 1962.. Remember the little duck, Yakky Doodle? If you visit my web site: http://www.jimmyweldon.com, you will see/hear him calling to his best friend, the big bull dog, CHOPPER. Email me…jimmy@jimmyweldon.com and I promise an immediate reply. God bless you and GOD BLESS AMERICA! Jimmy Weldon

    As I told you folks in the past, I bought a water distiller from you in 1977. I used it until last year when I gave it, refurbished, to my ex-wife. From the time I bought it, I have been a devoted follower of Dr. Carey Reams. He taught that the cause of heart disease (hardening of the arteries and plaque) was excess salt in the body. The solution is to drink about half your weight in ounces of distilled water daily, at the rate of about 4 oz every half hour. I started that when I was 25 in 1977. In 2009 I had some diagnostic work done by the VA, which included Carotid and Cardiac ultrasounds. Although I have had high cholesterol for over 20 years, it showed my arteries to be free of plaque at the age of 57.

    My Pure Water Mini-Classic CT is a work horse. It goes day and night to provide all the clean water I need. The only thing I would exchange this small home unit for is a larger one, however, that isn’t an option for me as I don’t have a convenient place to put a larger one. I have put my order in for a survival unit and I expect to use it regularly on my gas stove in addition to the Mini-Classic unit. Pure Water is worth every cent I paid for it and I wish everyone could have one. My four cats and my dog drink at least twice as much water as they did when I gave them tap water. For that matter, so do I. A cold glass of Pure Water is one of the most refreshing drinks I can think of here in our normally humid, 100-plus degree summer Arkansas weather. If you have been thinking about investing in a water distilling unit, don’t hesitate to go with Pure Water. It is the best one out there. I searched for quite a while and was unable to locate a better performer. You can buy cheaper but not better. I have never regretted my purchase.

    I just wanted to tell you that we received the DP360, and have been extremely impressed by both the quality/make (not cheap plastic), and also the quietness of the fan — much quieter than the typical Waterwise 9000 that most small dental offices use. This is great, and we are very pleased with our recent purchase! Based upon what we have seen thus far, we are expecting many years of trouble free use.

    Happy Holidays!

    I was recently asked by someone who does his research, “I agree purity must be the priority, but what makes one company better than the rest?” My response was MOTIVE! That’s what drives integrity, quality, trust, customer service, and referrals.

    I didn’t think of all of these things when I first made the decision to become a Pure Water dealer 20 years ago… But they sure make it my logical choice to keep selling our passion for purity. Our mutual motive can now be described as NO BUYER’S REMORSE. The benefits are clear; the science is clear; the reputation is clear…. And it’s clearly the right thing to do to tell others there is no better water, no better appliance, and no better company.

    There are lots of stories I could tell about enlightening open-minded, health conscious consumers through patient education of water contamination and purification. But the bottom line is every purchase is a logical choice… An intelligent decision (not based on advertising hype). I trust all my customers will keep sharing their satisfaction with others they care about.

    Kevin T Smith

    Stoughton, Wisconsin, USA

    I have an Aqua Clean Water Distiller, that I guess must have been built thirty years ago. It still looks and works like brand new. In this world of throw-away plastic products, what are you thinking ? I mean come on. I have heard of the term, Built to Last. But I thought that was just a sales pitch.


    Proud Pure Water owner

    Steve from Michigan

    Who needs soda when you can have Pure Water?

    I bought our Mini-Classic 8 years ago and have been distilling water ever since. It is an absolutely fantastic machine and produces the highest quality water available. It also saves a ton of money since we don’t have to buy ‘bottled water’ although to be honest I wouldn’t drink that stuff anyway since I don’t trust the plastic that it is bottled in.

    When my daughters were younger, they would lament the fact that we never had soda in the house like their friends but that got them in the habit of drinking clear, fresh, pure water with meals or when they were thirsty. And now that they are in college, they never developed a soda habit or any of the health issues assorted with drinking lots of soda.

    The investment in our Pure Water machine has paid off thousands of times. It one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

    David Marks

    Lancaster, PA

    THANK YOU, is all I can say for restoring my faith in American ingenuity. America has become such a disposable, throw-away society that I really didn’t think any high quality products were still being made anywhere. I researched everything I could, but the reviews and information cannot do this distiller justice. The level of quality built into this machine is astounding. You really have to use it to believe it. I look forward to many, many years of flawless service.

    We bought our Aqua D Distiller in 1982 and it still looks and runs like new! Once you start drinking distilled water on a regular basis, tap water tastes like pure clorine. Our Pure Water Distiller has never required a repair in 31 years. I was in need of more Lumen cleaner and decided to Google your website to see if Pure Water Inc. was still in business. Much to my surprise, they still sell the same distiller and cleaner! That is rare in America to still be producing an exceptional product after 40 years! There is no plastic on our machine, just good ole’ stainless steel. It was the best purchase we ever made. There is nothing to compare to a cold glass of crystal clear water! The best.

    I started distilling water on November 7, 2008 with my beloved Mini-Classic II and keep around 24 gallons on hand. I change out the carbon filter and descale the tank after 30 distillings and the water tastes great! Most of all, I love the fact that this wonderful distiller is still made in the U.S.A.

    Reflecting on this appliance (stainless steel) I purchased (and shared with others) #40 some years ago and it’s still operating perfectly creating safe,clean water here in our home !! The Ice Cubes are clear and the beverages all have TASTE close to what they are suppose to – Thank you Dr. James Caviezel, DC (Mt. Vernon,Washington—–Son-Jim- TV and Movies ) for urging me to make this purchase .

    $$$ I have spent on many things–(-just ask my wife and the kids !!) BUT this CHOICE was one of the BEST for myself and Family !!

    DALE RUSH-Tacoma, Washington

    We own a Mini Classic for over 10 years and are using it every day 2 – 3 times. All we drink and cook with is using distilled water from the Mini Classic. It was one of the best investments made ever. Needless to say that a machine will not last forever, and there were some things which needed attention over the years. I replaced heater and control module, and also the timer a few years back. Instructions, shipping and customer service were exceptional every time. My background is Engineering and Executive Management, now retired, and I happen to be somewhat demanding at times. I am always amazed at superior service, simply because there is so little to be found all around. This company is such a rare example for excellence.

    Today, I needed a grommet, or seal as the metal container was leaking a little. This is prone to happen with constant use. Calling ‘Sue’ from the customer service department, as previous years she treated me very courteously and efficiently. Instead of selling me an assembly, retrofit or similar at a massive price, the seal was cheaper than I would expect at the local hardware store, the shipping inexpensive etc., etc. so I ordered 4 seals, just in case.

    My compliments to an honest and professional company which makes a superior product, has outstanding service and the most excellent people to deal with.
    I have recommended your company to various friends in the past and will continue to do so.

    Rolf Mueller
    Ontario, Canada

    I’ve owned the mini classic pure water distiller for about 2 years now and still love it a lot.
    I run it everyday, sometimes twice a day and its still working great.

    I love the design of this model and it only touches glass after its done………no plastic.
    That a pretty big deal with distilled water.

    I honestly believe drinking distilled water throughout the day is one of the best things you can do health wise.
    Also distillation is the only way to remove 100% of fluoride and also the best filtering method in existence!

    It is a bit expensive at 1st to buy a pure water distiller, but the product is solid and well built……..no cheap Chinese made plastic junk here……….made in good old USA!
    The unit (Mini Classic) is solid and heavy, but still a reasonable size for the kitchen.

    99% of all the fluids I drink all day everyday come from my pure water distiller.
    the water just taste so pure and clean.
    My wife bought some spring water at the movies when I didn’t have my distilled water with me and after drinking distilled, we couldn’t stand to drink the spring water……..we never realized how bad it tasted til after being used to drinking distilled only.
    The distilled is much more pure and clean tasting vs spring water.
    distilled water is the purest, cleaning tasting water, and I don’t want anything else.

    Do yourself and your health a favor and buy a distiller.
    in the long run it will pay for itself as your health will improve!

    I am not affiliated with this company in any way…….I’ve just an extremely happy customer that has a passion for distilled water.

    We have a gravity feed purifier with filter “candles”. It works great, but the candles always get stopped up in winter and a new set costs upward of $170. We use the water primarily for drinking and keeping my wife’s marine aquarium topped off. We purchased a Model PD three weeks ago and, WOW!, is it an amazing unit. Because no more candles need bought, this unit is going to save us a ton of money and it is a real workhorse. We are very pleased with not only the performance, but the design and construction are top shelf, too. Great design and so easy to operate.

      A Pure Water home distiller is always going to save you money in the long run because you don’t have to deal with expensive filter replacements constantly. Glad you enjoy your distiller!

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