Commercial Distillers

Industrial, Lab & Commercial Water Distillers

distilled water for laboratories


For over 50 years, our laboratory water distillers have been used throughout the world to produce high-purity lab grade distilled water. Not only are our stainless steel systems durable and reliable, but they reduce water waste and are less expensive than the other laboratory water distillers. Whether your facility is a medical, dental or research laboratory, our water distillers can be configured to meet any grade of water that you need. [read more...]

Water Distillers for Government

High-Security & Government Facilities

Our secure drinking water systems are in over 100 US Embassies around the world because they provide a consistent supply of fresh, distilled water, which is the highest level of protection against the full range of possible contaminants. We provide premium water distillers for these high-security facilities as well as small systems to protect the staff at home. We also provide risk assessment and water education services.  [read more...]

pure water for distillers

Hospitals, Clinics & Veterinarian Centers

Pure Water Brand products have been trusted by hospitals and clinics around the world for over 50 years to provide the ultimate in protection against microbiological and chemical contamination of water supplies.  Pure Water is the leading manufacturer of water distillers for hospitals and authority on steam-distillation technology.  [read more...]

pure water for schools and daycares

Day Cares & Preschools

Children are much more sensitive to chemicals in the water supply than adults. A child’s brain continues to grow after birth, and this development process is very sensitive to chemical interference. Research now suggests that even small amounts of toxins like lead can cause permanent learning disorders.  Our premium water distillers allow you to provide your children with fresh, distilled water, the safest drinking and cooking water available.  [read more...]

water for tea, coffee shops and restaurants

Tea, Coffee Shops & Restaurants

A cup of tea or coffee is mostly water!  It's no surprise that the quality of water used to make either one will make a big difference in the taste, appearance and the smell.  By using fresh, distilled water for coffee or tea, each cup is consistently delicious. Customers will be amazed at how the flavors of coffee and tea are brought to life and.  Serving clean distilled water and ice made from distilled water will make your restaurant the talk of the town.  Another obvious benefit is that maintenance on machines will be greatly reduced. [read more...]

pure distilled water for dentists

Dental Offices

Dental Purity premium water distillers allow dentists to take control of their own supply of distilled water to ensure patient safety, and to protect expensive dental equipment.  Distilled water has been boiled, sterilized and purified.  It is an important key to preventing bacteria and biofilm build up in your water lines, so you can provide a safe water supply for your patients.  [read more...]

water for food processing

Food Processing

Food processors know that using distilled water yields superior results.  Distilled water is perfect for making drinks of all kinds, soups, and any other foods that require water.  Distilled water can also be used to clean equipment with excellent results.  [read more...]