Troubleshooting the Pure Water Mini Classic

Troubleshooting Your Pure Water Mini Classic CT

Hello and welcome to this troubleshooting video on the Mini Classic CT Countertop Water Distiller. If you are losing production on your Mini Classic, it could mean one of two things are occurring. It means A: power is not getting into the machine enough to cause the boiling water to fully come over into your glass jar or B: you are having a leak somewhere where water is leaking or steam is escaping so again, it's not fully getting into your glass jar for production.

How do you know when you are getting enough water? You should be getting about 0.8 of a gallon of distilled water out of every batch, which means it should be right above the blue sticker on the glass jar. Any lower than that, you are probably getting a production loss and you need to look into what's going on.

First thing we have you check when you notice a loss of production is to make sure that your power cord is plugged fully into the machine. If you have any kind of lose connection or if it's pulled out slightly you could have a loss of power which means that your boiling tank is not going to distill properly.

Next thing I will have you do is actually pull out the boiling tank itself. You want to make sure that you are filling it to the proper level. So, by removing the lid, you will notice inside your boiling tank is a little stud that allows your cross bar on your lid to secure it to the rest of the boiling tank. That's also going to be your fill line. You want to make sure that water fills to the bottom of that stud and that's how you know you are going to get the proper production rate, because it's running off a timer.

After you've filled your boiling tank correctly, you'll put your lid back on and again you want to make sure that you have a good sealed connection with your lid. You don't want any gaps, because it's going to allow steam to escape instead of going into your cooling coil. So, the lid is centered, I can tighten it, even with a gap, so you want to make sure it's centered properly and you want to make sure that this whole gasket here has no rips, bumps or tears in it because it's going to allow steam to escape and a loss of production.

We've got the lid centered and we're going to push it back into our distiller and you'll notice that on the side here, on the bottom, is a little blue sticker that indicates how far you have to push in your boiling tank. So, if the sticker is covered like it is right now, you know that your boiling tank is not fully pressed in and it's not going to get a good electrical connection and you are not going to get the right amount of water out of your distiller. So, make sure that it's pushed in securely, just beyond the sticker, so you can see it fully and you know you have a good electrical connection for your distiller.

Now, a couple other things you will want to check...your steam tube right here. This is where your steam is going to come out of your cooling coil. If you are losing steam here, it could mean that this black O ring inside this hole has fallen out or has been pushed out. If you shine a pen light in here, you will notice a black O ring inlaid into a groove inside this tube. That's going to create a seal around this steam tube that's up in the corner over here. You lose that, you could lose production through the steam not fully getting into your steam tube so you want to make sure that O ring is in there, because if it's not you can lose production.

The next thing you want to check is where the water comes out of the cooling coil. Right up in here is where the water is going to drip out. You want to make sure there is no blockage check. All you need to do is check visually. Also, your filter tray needs to have a filter inside of it that has been soaked in distilled water so that it's not going to be dry. A dry filter can actually block these holes from allowing water to go through. So, you can have water spilled outside of your jar instead of getting inside your jar. So, if you notice water is building up in here and not passing through the holes, it's probably that your filter is blocking it and you need to shake it around, move it, or re-soak it, whatever you need to do to make sure water is passing through to your glass jar.

After that, if you still aren't getting the right production, what you can check is that your machine is running properly, if you notice when it's plugged in and flipped on and you start a cycle, you are going to hear the fan come on. The fan is the indication that power is getting into your distiller and working properly. If the fan is coming on the next thing you want to check is how long it is running. The Mini Classic runs off an internal timer. It should run for 3.5 hours and if it runs for a shorter time, you're not going to get as much water into your glass jar. So, you will want to run a batch and you will time it to see when it shuts itself off. If it's running for 3.5 hours, then you will know that the timer is working properly.

After that, you will run a boiling tank test. This will determine if you heating element is working. Again, pull out your boiling tank, take the lid off of it, make sure it's filled with water, then take your power cord out of the back of your machine and plug it directly into your heating element (boiling tank). What this is going to do is put power directly into your heating element so we can see if the heating element will bring the water to a boil like it's supposed to. You will want to let it sit out for about 45 minutes with it plugged in and it should come to a full boil with steam being produced. If it is just getting warm, it could mean that it's not coming to a full boil and not working properly.

Also, you will want to check on your heating element, there is a rubber gasket for your heating element. This can leak. While you are running the boiling tank test, you will want to check to see if any water is leaking out. If it is, it can account for your loss of production.

After all of that, if your heating element is working and no water is leaking, what is probably happening, is that your connection inside the distiller isn't working properly. It's this little power outlet in the back bottom of the distiller. That should be a little lose because it's going to allow the boiling tank to connect to it. If the boiling tank test passes, then we will need to replace that part back there.

If you have any other problems or something still going on, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-875-5915 and we will help you troubleshoot further.

Thanks for watching and have a great day!