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Fluoride – The Aging Factor

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Fluoride is very much in the news again as more and more of the dangers of fluoride come to light. In this article we will discuss the top dangers of fluoride.  From a historical perspective, I find it very interesting to note that the very first customer for a Pure Water distiller was a lady […]

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If the local authorities said you couldn’t use your tap water, would you be prepared?


Water Contamination.  It can happen any time anywhere.  The latest example showed up in the news just last week. Over 300,000 residents in Western Virginia were  warned not turn on their taps.  They were advised not to take showers, brush their teeth, or even do laundry.  Why?  Because Thursday, Jan. 9 there was a toxic […]

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Arsenic, Water and Rice – What’s the Connection?


It is well established that high levels of arsenic in drinking water can lead to severe health problems long-term.  While arsenic is a common contaminant worldwide, it is particularly prevalent in Bangladesh and parts of India.  This link is direct, from drinking water to human consumption. Recent research on a base of 400,000 people conducted […]

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Pesticides, the Honey Bee and Us


In recent years there have been many news reports of the drastic decline in the honey bee numbers.  Why is this significant?  Honey bees are the best at pollinating plants, and thus, have a key role in our food chain functioning normally. After DDT was banned due to toxicity concerns several decades back, the hunt […]

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Water scarcity raises concerns!


A new study by the U.S. Geological Society says an estimated 20 per cent loss of snow cover across the Rocky Mountains will impact millions of people who rely on the Rockies for their water.The study, released earlier this month, indicates the northern Rocky Mountains experienced large snow packs until the 1980′s.But in the last […]

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Connection between Pesticides in Water, Food and Air to Type 2 Diabetes


A study conducted in Spain and recently published in the journal Environmental Research concluded there is a direct correlation between exposure to pesticides (Persistent Organic Pollutants – POP) in water, food and air to the prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes in adults.  This correlation was found to be independent of age, gender and body mass […]

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Leave a Testimonial!

We have a new section on our site that allows you to leave a personal testimonial about us and our products. If you are a customer, tell us how much you love our products! More importantly, tell your story to people who haven’t purchased yet. Thanks! PLEASE GO TO OUR TESTIMONIALS PAGE TO LEAVE YOUR […]

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A New Product is Coming Soon…

Pure Water will announce new product soon! It’s a product that many, many, many people have asked for. You will like it, no, you will LOVE it! Stay tuned.  

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We are Proud to be a Part of the “American Made Matters” Movement!

A few weeks ago we asked the question, “Does it matter that our products are made in the USA?”. And, “Does it matter that we are the last US-based manufacturer of countertop water distillers?” The answer from you was, YES, it matters. The thing is, we knew the answer. Of course there will be some […]

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Give Us Some Love!

Pure Water Distillers

As a result of our recent article “Does It Matter?” we received some great feedback on our water distillers. People tell us all the time how happy they are with our distillers, but it occurred to us that we haven’t done enough to show testimonials from people like you. So we are asking you (our […]

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