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Potential Threat to Drinking Water Supply!

This weekend it was reported from Kosovo, which lies between Serbia and Albania,  that the authorities cut off the water supply in the capital Pristina after five people were arrested on terrorism charges.  They were “acting suspiciously” near the reservoir which supplies water to half of Pristina’s population of 200,000. (http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/kosovo-arrests-terror-suspects-alleged-water-plot-32383673) There is a possible […]

The Economics of Water Shortage

When there are water shortages, conservation means seeing lawns dry out and plants die. But there’s another side this problem as many residents of California are discovering. There are fixed costs in operating a water treatment plant. In normal times this cost is offset by revenues from consumer fees based on water usage. The problem comes […]

Be Prepared

When I was a young boy I was a member of the Boy Scouts.  This is a wonderful organization which taught young boys so many basic skills.   The Boy Scouts had a motto:  “Be Prepared”. These two words have so much meaning across life when you think about it. Apply these to your life and […]

Water Quality in a Drought

The Great California Drought: It’s been all over the news lately that California is getting into more and more trouble with the continuing drought and dwindling water supply. Not enough people are conserving it, crops need it and enforcing conservation is extremely difficult. While everyone is concerned about the amount of water being used, few […]

Water Pollution in China Escalates

More and More information is coming out about China’s horrible air pollution.  Even getting to work is posing a health hazard because of the thick smog in many urban areas.  What has not been getting the attention it deserves is the pollution in China’s water.  Water pollution is becoming a major problem In the country.  […]

Fluoride – The Aging Factor

Fluoride is very much in the news again as more and more of the dangers of fluoride come to light. In this article we will discuss the top dangers of fluoride.  From a historical perspective, I find it very interesting to note that the very first customer for a Pure Water distiller was a lady […]

The Superiority of Distillation

Distillation duplicates nature’s hydrologic cycle, which is the source of all fresh water on the planet. Here’s how it works; the Sun heats up the contaminated ocean water and some of the water evaporates. When the water changes from a liquid to a vapor it let’s go of the contaminants, so water vapor is very […]

Blog or Twitter about our WATERCOLOGY video!

Do you have blog? Perhaps you’re on Facebook or Twitter. We would love your support in sharing our new “watercology” video. We created this video to educate people on how absolutely vital it is to protect ourselves from the toxins that can be found in our tap water. Check out the video right now by […]

The Plague of Plastic Bottles

Every day Americans throw away over 60 million bottles of water! That’s more than 22 billion bottles a year, added on to the previous year’s waste, and the previous years, etc. There are many people that say we should just drink tap water, because it’s safe. I totally disagree. Look at the news every day […]