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Potential Threat to Drinking Water Supply!

This weekend it was reported from Kosovo, which lies between Serbia and Albania,  that the authorities cut off the water supply in the capital Pristina after five people were arrested on terrorism charges.  They were “acting suspiciously” near the reservoir which supplies water to half of Pristina’s population of 200,000. (http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/kosovo-arrests-terror-suspects-alleged-water-plot-32383673) There is a possible […]

Water Quality in a Drought

The Great California Drought: It’s been all over the news lately that California is getting into more and more trouble with the continuing drought and dwindling water supply. Not enough people are conserving it, crops need it and enforcing conservation is extremely difficult. While everyone is concerned about the amount of water being used, few […]

Water Biosecurity – What You Can Do Now!

In today’s information age there is so much material available on issues and problems and so little on solutions.  This is also true of drinking water. Yesterday I introduced the topic of “Water BioSecurity” and tried to provide a concise overview of why an understanding of it is important in this unpredictable and insecure world […]

Water Biosecurity – What is it all about?

One of the five important categories of water contaminants is biological.  Biological contaminants in water by and large are invisible to the naked eye, so a perfectly clear glass of water may contain biological contaminants.  Some of these contaminants are relatively harmless but others can be deadly. We have all read about Legionnaire’s Disease, E-Coli […]

Legionnaires Disease and Water

Some of us still remember the summer of 1976 when an outbreak of a mysterious illness occurred during the U.S. Bi-Centennial Celebration at the Legionnaire’s Convention in Philadelphia.  During the Convention and the days that followed more than 220 attendees came down with the illness and 34 died from it. It took until early 1977 […]