“Magic” Water

There is an interesting human condition that drives us to look for the “magic” bullet that’s going to make everything all better. We seek that special pill or a drink of a special kind of water that will miraculously get rid of our problems. It’s the eternal search for the fountain of youth. This search is alive and well in our society today. There have been numerous breakthrough “waters” on the market that are supposed to have almost magical healing qualities.

For centuries, people have touted the amazing healing qualities of spring water. But of course promoters try to convince you that it has to be from this spring and not that spring and of course it will cost you money to buy the water. Nowadays it comes in the form of technology. There have been numerous forms of penta water, clustered water, structured water, alkaline water, and the list goes on forever. There’s always a great story of why the science community hasn’t caught up to the real story. Of course, and this is vital, their process is patented and is the only way you can get this special, amazing, fabulous, life-changing water is to buy it from them!

The reality is that water is water and the only real difference is the contaminants that are in the water. We offer a great product for cleaning your water. It’s extremely effective and very reliable. Do we have a patent on the distillation process? No. Are there other ways to clean your water? Yes.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer magic water. We do offer, however, one of the best proven methods of cleaning your water and offering your family the best possible protection against contaminants that could be in your water. We pride ourselves on being the best at what we do. And by the way, our systems cost much less than the magic waters on the market.

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