Do you need the minerals in water?

It’s true that various minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the heart and the rest of your body. A very important point to remember is that the minerals must be in a form that the body can readily assimilate and use. The minerals that are found in water are in an inorganic form, and are a result of the water dissolving the minerals from the rocks and soil that it comes in contact with. Inorganic minerals are in a form that is poorly assimilated by the body. We cannot get our minerals, calcium for example, by sucking on a rock. For proper adsorption of minerals we need to get our minerals from a plant source. A simple rule to remember is; plants use inorganic minerals such as rocks and soil; animals (humans included) use organic minerals, which comes from plant sources, or from animals that have consumed plants.

In fact, inorganic minerals such as is found in water, can be considered to be contaminants, because your body has to eliminate them from the body. Dr. Peter Lodewick, the author of the book, A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes, recommends that people, especially diabetics drink distilled water so their bodies don’t have to go through the stress of eliminating the inorganic minerals.

Finally, even if the minerals in water were in a form that was usable by the body, the minerals are often intermingled with other contaminants that are not beneficial, or possibly even harmful. (Examples; metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, other chemicals or biological contaminants.)

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    Obviously you are selling ACIDIC, DEAD and PROCESSED water. IF our bodies were meant to drink this water, Nature would have made it.

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      Thank you for your comment. Your comments however, show that you have been getting your information from unreliable sources on the web. I will try to clarify them from a scientific perspective. First of all, a common misconception about distilled water is that it is “dead” water. This is a totally meaningless statement that is supposed to provoke fear in the reader. Water is not and cannot be dead because water is not alive. Water is a molecule, that’s it. Plain and simple. The only difference between distilled water and your tap water and ocean water are the contaminants that are in the water. Second, distilled water, and all pure water basically has a neutral pH. If it sits for a while it will absorb some carbon dioxide and become very, very slightly acidic, but this is the normal state of water. Remember that your stomach is full of extremely powerful acid. Your comment on processed water is meaningless in a scientific perspective. Water is water. The only thing we are doing is removing contaminants that are with the water. Finally, as far as distilled water not being found in nature, this is completely inaccurate. The process of distillation duplicates natures hydrologic cycle, in which ocean water (very contaminated water) evaporates and rises to form clouds and then precipitates into rain. Rain is extremely pure water and is basically distilled water. Virtually all fresh water on the planet (rivers, streams, glaciers, groundwater, etc) comes from rain water. I hope this helps.

      Pretty sure that rainwater is naturally acidic and contains no minerals. I’m equally sure that plants and nature thrive on it. How long have humans been drinking processed ground water? That’s certainly not natural. Keep drinkning your fluoride/chlorine coctail and buying into the PH food argument.

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