September is National Preparedness Month – Time to own a Water Distiller

President Obama has signed a Proclamation marking September as National Preparedness Month.

With the threats of terrorism making news every day, and a summer-full of weather related emergencies, every family and business should make preparations for the possibility of an emergency situation which could affect your home or business.

You can sign up to become a NPM coalition member here.

One aspect of particular importance is having a reliable supply of pure water.  In many emergencies a reliable source of water can be difficult to find.  In some cases this can lead to disastrous consequences.  Just ask those who experienced Hurricane Katrina, or more recently, the floods in Pakistan.

There is one “Best Solution”.  Own a water distiller.  A well-designed water distiller produces “Bio-Secure Water” – water that is pure and free of bacterial and viral contaminants.   U.S. Embassies around the world use water distillers for their drinking water.  So should you.  Explore our website at for a good background on this important topic – and then take action.  An emergency can occur at any time without notice.  By planning and taking action NOW you can be prepared for whatever may occur down the road.

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