5 reasons that you should be drinking distilled water

There’s a lot of misinformation about distilled water out there. Here are five reasons to take another look…

1)      Fresh, distilled water tastes great! Notice the emphasis on the word “fresh”. Fresh, distilled water tastes like water is supposed to taste and it enhances the flavor of tea, coffee and all other of your gourmet creations. Unfortunately, most people’s experience with distilled water is from the distilled water that is stored for months in low-grade plastic bottles. The purer the water the faster it will absorb bad tastes.

2)      You don’t know what’s in your water. Even if you could test for all of the possible contaminants that could be in your water, which you can’t, water tests still only give you a snapshot in time. Water quality can vary from moment to moment. You don’t know what’s in your water so you should get one of our water distillers that offers the best protection against the full range of contaminants.

3)      Distilled water is the cleanest water you can get. Our premium water distillers use a combination of treatment methods to consistently produce the cleanest water possible. Filters of all kinds produce variable results.

4)      Distilled water is biosecure. Not only do our water distillers boil your tap water, which happens to be one of the most thorough ways of killing biological contaminants, but we separate and use only the pure steam. Distillation is recommended by the Red Cross and FEMA as one of the only proven methods of cleaning highly contaminated water during an emergency. Filters and reverse osmosis systems are not recommended during an emergency.

5)      A water distiller is an excellent investment. Yes, our water distillers are more expensive than reverse osmosis systems and other filters. But our systems are rugged, proven machines that are built to last. When you invest in one of our water distillers you are making an investment that will pay for itself many times during the life of our machines.

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