Plankton in Your Drinking Water

Fox News startled New Yorkers recently when they announced that a spokesman for New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) admitted that New Yorkers are drinking minute shrimp-like creatures in their drinking water (click here for article)

These shrimp-like creatures are not dangerous as it turns out but it’s not what you really want to have in your drinking water.  Ironically, because New York City’s water is considered so good it’s not routinely filtered – a method that would eliminate these little critters.  If you don’t live in New York you may still be at risk for “live” contaminants in your drinking water.  Many other cities don’t filter their water either according to DEP. These include San Francisco, Seattle and Portland.

Of course, none of these critters would be found in fresh steam-distilled water that you can obtain at home with a Pure Water brand water distiller.

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