What is distilled water?

So what is distilled water? Distilled water is simply water that has been cleaned via the process of distillation which is virtually identical to the hydrologic cycle in nature. Here’s how it works in nature…

Suppose you are marooned on a deserted island that doesn’t have a supply of fresh water. The island is surrounded by countless miles of salt water that is so contaminated that you will die if you drink it. In the morning you see clouds form over the sea and then they move inland. All of a sudden you are soaked with life-giving rain. This rain is extremely pure water, so where did it come from?

You have just experienced the hydrologic cycle, which is where virtually all fresh water on the planet comes from. The process is simply this; the Sun provides heat to the very contaminated water in the ocean, which causes the liquid water to turn into vapor. As soon as the water turns from liquid to vapor it lets go of the contaminants that it was holding onto. The water vapor then rises and condenses into clouds. The clouds then cool down and the water precipitates and the rain falls. This water started out extremely contaminated and finishes as very pure water.

The process of distillation duplicates this process by taking tap water and adding heat to it. The liquid water changes into water vapor and leaves any junk behind in the boiling chamber. The pure water vapor then rises and is moved into a separate chamber and then it’s cooled back down into liquid water.

Unlike filters, distillation produces consistent purity because this process of evaporation, condensation and precipitation is a physical quality of water that never changes. It’s happened for millions of years and will happen for millions more.

Fresh, distilled water is the most natural form of water.

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