A Pattern of Cancer?

I returned to my homeland, New Zealand, recently.

For more that 35 years my sister, Barbara, and her husband, John have lived on a 30,000 acre high-country ranch in the mountains there.  It was God’s Country.

During my visit I took a drive with them through their high country farming area.  When I was younger I knew all the farmers for miles around – it’s a close knit community.  As we drove past farmhouse after farmhouse Barbara would tell me the names of those that had passed away from cancer or were now battling cancer.  There wasn’t a house we passed that was cancer-free.   It was chilling.

Barbara turned to me and said “I’ve often wondered what is causing this. I wonder if it could be the water we are all drinking?”  We have all been using fertilizers and farm chemicals.  Could that be the cause?  I don’t know but it sure makes you wonder.  It looks like there could be a “cancer cluster” here.

Have you had similar situations?  If so we would like to hear from you.

By the way, Barbara and John have a water distiller and drink distilled water. They are cancer-free.  Is that why?  I doubt if we’ll ever know for sure, but it sure makes you think.

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    Chilling is a good word for this Florida weather on our 5 acres of ex-peanut farmed land. We were told that any pesticides that may have been dangerous are probably gone by now. Duh, not so sure. Recently , the power company sprayed chemicals strong enough to kill trees and shrubs underneath the lines. (Over 1/4 of a mile long) On my driveway where they drove, they must have dumped buckets of chemicals accidently on my driveway and where we have some delicious wild blackberries growing. Everywhere they spilled and sprayed, all life is dead, brown dead, no life! I was infuriated and felt like sueing the power company which happens to be Clay Electric. I called them and they said that every so many years they do this to keep the lines free. They assured me that I could eat my berries and cactus next year. I am actually afraid for my health. I have no idea what they used for fertilizer on the peanut fields. I have been using our Pure Water Water Distillers for 10 years. Hallelujah Acres say’s to add minerals that they “sell” to make the water more alkaline and safe. I started feeding all my plants just plain distilled water as needed and your eyes would fall out of your head if you saw what happened to them. This plant I rescued out of the dumpster in Connecticut had 3 leaves. I had it for 8 years and the most leaves it would grow was 4 and they were wimpy. I started to use Miracle 2 Soap in the city water but it made no difference. We moved to Florida in 2005 and served the plants well water. They did not thrive but seemed to “survive.” Less than 2 months ago, I started to feed my plants plain distilled water and now I have 22 leaves on this plant in a 3 inch pot. I thought it was a stunted plant because of the terrible soil that was in the pot. It is very hard from Connecticut. My Aloe plant which shriveled up and just about died is full and rich and plump with juicy leaves. I have 6 plants, all thriving and I give 100% of the credit to my Pure Water Distiller. I would be more than happy to send a picture to Mr. Meder. Go figure, my rain water has zero parts per million in the water when I test it. My well water has around 800 parts per million. The plants did not grow on the well water. Now they really grow and I do not give them vitamins or growth whatever stuff. This has me really thinking about who is really telling the truth. I thank the Meder Family for creating such fine machines.

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