Pure Water versus the EPA

It may seem that we are pretty hard on the EPA sometimes, but it’s just a difference of perspective.

The difference is this; we think about water purity in terms of getting virtually everything out of the water. The EPA and municipal water companies never even consider this, because it’s not possible to do on a large scale. It’s simply not in their thought process. Instead they think about meeting minimum standards. The people who make the standards think about statistical results and finding a balance between acceptable risks and cost. Of course there are many other factors that the EPA has to deal with, such as politics, lawsuits, lobbyists and the never-ending call from scientists to do more research on risks.

The EPA must think in this way. It’s the reality of the world we live in. On the other hand, we at Pure Water have the luxury to think differently. We work with individual people who pay us to make their water much cleaner than just the minimum standards. We use technology that is perfect for small scale use, but would be far too costly on a large scale. The result is that we offer water that is far more pure than what you can get out of any tap (and most bottled waters).

We are specialists and we are the best at what we do. If you want the best drinking water systems possible, then you will want to buy one of our premium water distillers.

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