What makes Pure Water different?

Seth Godin, the marketing guru, made an interesting point the other day on his blog that there is no such thing as a corporate conscience. People have a conscience, not companies. The corporate conscience is just the conscience of the people that work there.

The people make the company. Our people make us, and this is why we are the best at what we do. Here’s a look at our people…

OUR LEADERSHIP. For 35 years, our president has passionately kept us focused on our core strength; we manufacture the single best water treatment systems on the market. We have never wavered from this commitment.  He was also Chairman of the Distillation Committee of the Water Quality Association twice, and authored “Distillation – Process and Technology” a study guide used throughout the world by water treatment professionals seeking WQA certification.

DR. WATER. Eldon Muehling has been our resident water chemistry expert for over 35 years. He is one of the most knowledgeable persons on the planet regarding water chemistry and we are grateful that he has been at the forefront of our education program.  He has authored many articles on water and has appeared on radio and TV.

EDUCATION. Our main sales effort is simply to educate people about the vital importance of putting only pure water into their bodies. We have excellent educators and are in the process of expanding our education program on the web.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. We have excellent people in our customer service department. Like many of our employees, our customer service technicians have been with us for over 20 years.

MANUFACTURING. Our premium water distillers are hand-crafted here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some of our craftsmen have been with the company for more than 15 years.

DISTRIBUTORS. Our in-field distributors make it all tick. Our Dealers and Distributors work on getting the word out and providing excellent service on a local basis. We are very proud of our Distributors.

We have a close-knit family of employees. We are proud of our employees, and we are proud of the company that we have all created. Our people make Pure Water an amazing company!  But in the final analysis it is not about us.  We are here because of our customers, who for decades have seen the value in what we do for them.   At a meeting in California we had a gentleman who had recently retired as an automotive engineer.  Quite unexpectedly, he rose to his feet and said “I’ll tell you about this company and their products.  We have had a Pure Water distiller for 28 years.  In that time my wife and I calculated we had produced 35,000 gallons of water.  That’s a product! Now that’s a company.”  That’s what we are all about.

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