The hidden poisons.

A report out today shows that over 18,000 people in Nigeria have fallen victim to massive lead poisoning. Over 200 children are dead. The culprit? Contaminated waste from mining operations that ended up in the soil. When rains come toxins in soil and landfills are washed into the water supplies.

Another report shows that a slow moving tidal wave of poison is headed towards Johannesburg’s groundwater supply. The source? Poisons from 120 years worth of gold mining. These mines are now abandoned, but the damage has been done.

The problem with water contamination is that you don’t know that it’s there. You drink the water and get sick without ever realizing that the water was contaminated. In the US, most contaminants that can be in water are not regulated which means that your tap water can contain dangerous chemicals and yet the government says that your water is “safe”. Remember that when the government says that your water is safe, it only means that your water meets the legal definition of the word safe.

The people of Johannesburg are in a unique situation in that they can see the poisons slowly coming to greet them. They have time to react. Their proactive measures should be to protect themselves in the best possible way by installing a premium water distiller by Pure Water. In fact, everyone regardless of where they live should protect themselves in the same way.

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