We remember a 101 year old Pure Water Distributor

Recently I received a call from the elderly daughter of a very strong voice for the drinking of distilled water.  Until quite recently, Ruth V. Winterode lived in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. She and her late husband Bob moved to that area in 1972. One month ago, Ruth passed away at the ripe old age of 101!  She had lived a long and very active life. 

Unbelievably, she had been told by a medical doctor when she was 50 years old, that she would soon become wheel-chair bound for the rest of her life! Ruth was not about to let that happen. It was not in her nature. It was at that time that she became a very strong advocate for the faithful consumption of distilled water and remained a very strong supporter for almost five decades! She outlived five husbands and even at the time of her death looked 20 some years younger than most ladies her age.  She certainly proved that prophetic doctor wrong! 

Ruth Winterode was an amazing person and she lived a life of vitality. She was so passionate about the benefits of distilled water that she became a successful distributor for our products. 

Thank you for many years of promoting our products Ruth, and thank you even more for being a living example of the importance of drinking distilled water! Rest in peace.

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