The tea experience

I talk a lot about the importance of protecting your family from contaminants that can be in your water, but having a premium water distiller is also about enjoying life. Fresh, distilled water is as close to pure rainwater as you can get and it tastes great (notice the emphasis on the word fresh). It’s the way water is supposed to taste and it makes a real difference in the flavor of coffee, tea and yes, even bourbon and other spirits.

I’ve written before about how I love tea; the rich aroma, the golden hue and the subtle, wonderful flavor. There are so many different types and flavors of tea that it can truly be a daily exploration. My enjoyment of tea has been greatly enhanced by using only fresh distilled water. After all a cup of tea is 99% water!

I want to take a few minutes to talk about two ladies that I met a few years ago at the World Tea Expo. First is Jennifer Sauer, an author, photographer and expert on the San Francisco tea culture. Jennifer runs a fantastic blog about tea (check it out here) and has written The Way to Tea, which is a book that I thoroughly recommend.

The second lady I met is Sylvana Levesque from KEIKO – TEA. This is high-end Japanese tea that you have to try (click here).

I encourage you to explore the world of tea. Explore the flavors, the traditions and the culture.

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