Is my water contaminated?

One of the most common questions we get about distilled water is “Is my water contaminated?”  We know that water is universally contaminated, but the contaminants differ wildly from location to location.   

When people say they want minerals in the water do they know what minerals they want and in what amounts?  Most people want calcium and magnesium and maybe iron.  But what about copper, and arsenic, and chromium?  Or lead or cadmium?  They could well be present along with the silica, magnesium and potassium.

At our service center here in Lincoln we are constantly amazed by the wide variety in the “minerals” that we find in the boiling tanks of distillers that come back for servicing.  Sometimes the minerals are crystalline, other times a fine powder-like substance.  Other times they can be a gooey mass.  And the colors are different too – there’s white, brown, yellow, ochre, black, green, gray, and of course, rust color.  All indicators of what was lurking in that water. 

When we see “minerals” in the boiling tank we have a sense of satisfaction. Satisfaction that we have removed contaminants from someone’s drinking water.  Satisfaction in knowing that that user did not stress their body by having to handle this mass of minerals plus whatever other contaminants were in the water.

This gets to our philosophy.  We have no quarrel with people who want to take minerals.  But leaving it to the water is not the way to go. 

Our philosophy is simple.  Remove everything from the water and drink it pure.  Take mineral supplements if you want.  Buy them in a bottle at the local Health Food store or from a source you trust.

That way you will be getting pure water and you will know what minerals you are getting from your supplement.

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