Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 2)

Yesterday we talked about the 40 year old water distiller that was in for service. Today, I want to take a look the real protection that this machine offered to its owners…

We estimate that over its life this water distiller produced approximately 43,800 gallons of distilled water. Let’s assume that the raw water contained approximately 350 parts per million of unknown contaminants, which is a good average for the US. This means that the distiller removed close to 40 pounds of contaminants! 40 POUNDS! Let’s put this number into perspective…

  • If we were to put these unknown contaminants into little 200 mg pills, it would make 76,650 pills!
  • This comes to 1,916 pills of unknown contaminants each year.
  • Or 160 pills of contaminants each month.
  • Or approximately 5 pills each day!

We don’t know what these “pills” consist of, nor does anyone. The fact is that you don’t want unknown contaminants going into your body! This example should prove to you that a Pure Water premium water distiller is an excellent investment in your health.

Equation: 40 years x 3 gallons per day = 43,800 gallons. 43,800 gallons x 350 ppm (mg/L) = 15,330,000 mg/L
15,330,000 / 200 (typical pill size) = 76,650 pills, 76,650 / 40 = 1,916 pills per year, 1,916/12 = 159.68 pills per month, 160/30 = 5 pills per day

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    hi glenn–is there any form of tablet or pill which will clear salt water or render it potable?


      Good question Bill. The short answer is no. Distillation is the single most effective way to remove contaminants from water.

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