Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 3)

Today I’m continuing our discussion of a 40 year old water distiller that was in for service the other day. This distiller needed some small adjustments and was sent out looking as good as new. We estimate that it produced over 43,800 gallons of distilled water during this time. Today, I want to look at this as compared to reverse osmosis.

Reverse osmosis is a basic filter system that tries to force water through a membrane. As it does so, it dumps a lot of water down the drain. Here are the numbers…

Pure Water Distiller                       Reverse Osmosis

$2,400 initial cost (small distiller)       $4,000 initial cost ($500 x 8 replacements)

$383 Operating Cost/yr (25-45¢)      $328 Operating Cost/yr (25-35¢)

0 water waste (as in zero) 175,200 gallons of water waste

Excellent effectiveness                    Low to Very Good Effectiveness

Excellent consistency                      Variable consistency

Excellent biosecurity                       Low biosecurity

A Pure Water distiller is the best investment that you can make to protect yourself and your family from toxins that can be in water while being responsible to the environment.

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