Why our water distillers ROCK! (part 4)

This week we are focusing on a 40 year old water distiller that came into our service center. We fixed it up and it went out looking and functioning like a brand new distiller. We calculated that it produced about 43,800 gallons of distilled water during this period! Today I want to compare this to bottled water.

Bottled water waste has become a huge environmental concern. Plastic bottles are made from petroleum and the manufacturing process uses a lot of water and energy, not to mention the high costs of transportation. Every year over 1 BILLION water bottles are dumped into landfills in California alone!

If the owner of this water distiller would have purchased the same amount of water he/she would have purchased and thrown away 165,783 one liter bottles or 331,566 half liter bottles! Not to mention the additional bottles that would be used over the next 40 years.

It’s much more efficient to produce your own pure water with a Pure Water Distiller than to rely upon bottled water!

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