Could Arsenic in the Water Cause Strokes Here in the US?

Yesterday I talked about the impact of how arsenic at very high levels in drinking water in Bangladesh was causing terrible health problems. One study found that one in every five deaths in Bangladesh was the result of arsenic poisoning resulting from contaminated drinking water.   

So there is no question that

  • arsenic is in the drinking water in some parts of the world
  • arsenic is toxic and can cause illness
  • there are many documented cases in Bangladesh of death due to arsenic ingested from the drinking water.

OK, that’s fine but what about arsenic that may be in the water in much lower levels?  A good example was reported very recently in Southwest Michigan where arsenic is found in the drinking water in many locations.  Last week, Fox News and CNN reported on a just published study in the journal Stroke.  While not making definitive conclusions the study found a possible link between arsenic in the water and an increased incidence of strokes in the population. 

Some schools in the area had installed drinking water systems as early as 2006 because of the potential problem. 

Arsenic is found naturally and is also an industrial contaminant and can be found in many parts of the USA. 

Perhaps the most effective way to remove arsenic from drinking water is to install a Pure Water distiller.  Distillation is truly effective in removing arsenic from the drinking water.   The added benefit with a distiller:  it removes virtually all contaminants from the water.  So if you have a distiller you don’t need to worry about getting frequent laboratory analyses. You have “Peace of Mind” for oyu nad your loved ones.

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