Further Report on Lead in Drinking Water.

The EPA estimates that on average 20% of the lead poisoning in the USA is associated with lead-contaminated drinking water. 

In  2002, the Washington DC Water and Sewer Authority reported to the EPA that about 50% of the homes it tested during 2001-02 had levels of lead in the drinking water exceeding the EPA’s limit of 15 parts per billion.  The EPA found these findings to be a “serious public health issue” and ordered a gradual replacement of lead pipes.   It was not until 2004 that the public was informed of the problem by an investigative report published by the Washington Post.  At that time it was disclosed that some of the contaminant levels were exceedingly high. 

After the Washington Port disclosure the authorities recommended a 1 minute flush of the water lines to remove any lead contamination from water sitting in the pipes.  This was later increased to a 10 minute flush.  Even later a corrosion inhibitor was added to the water.

Studies showed that the lead contamination may have resulted from the change from chlorine disinfectant used by the water utility to chloramines – change made by many cities across the USA.

One thing is for sure, I’m convinced that all homes should make a Pure Water distiller an essential appliance.  A distiller would have protected the homeowners in Washington DC regardless of what metals are found in the water, and regardless of whether public officials were being truthful and transparent in their action. You see a water distiller is the best insurance your family can have as it relates to your drinking water.   A distiller is easy to install and operate.  It will give many years of service.

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