Trust R.O. Water? Not me!

Trust R.O. Water??  Not me! Reverse osmosis systems are constructed of all plastic and rubber compared to the stainless steel construction of distillers. All plastics give off something. Many R.O. Membranes give of a chemical called 1,4-Dioxane which is a known animal carcinogen and suspected human carcinogen.

R.O. membranes do not guarantee sterile water and in fact reputable R.O. dealers will not install R.O. on water of questionable water quality. Bacteria can pass through R.O. membranes in a process referred to by the water treatment trade as "membrane creep".

The quality of water from R.O. deteriorates with the passage of time (on some feed-waters this happens quite quickly.)  Not so with the quality of water produced by a water distiller! There is no in-between with a premium water distiller. It is either producing great water or no water, as when the heater is burned out. (I love consistency and predictability, don't you?)

Besides, R.O.'s waste 8-10 gallons of water for each gallon produced. In other words they are “water hogs”.

We have quite a number of doctors from all fields of medicine who believe in distillers enough to refer their patients to us. In some cases they even sell our distillers. Many books have been written on the benefits of drinking distilled water by prominent doctors; Dr. Paul Bragg, Drs. Balch and Dr. Michael Colgan, just to name a few.

We have many customers in their 80's and 90's who have been drinking distilled water for decades. Some of them are even selling our distillers into a ripe old age.

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