Know what’s in that soda you’re drinking? Now you do!

So you like your occasional, or a little-bit-more-than-occasional soda. Yet, you wonder about the purity of the ingredients. Does it contain high-fructose corn syrup? How about the mess of chemical ingredients? Or, you ask, what toxins were in the tap water that the soda was made from?

The solution is simple; make your own soda and use only the best ingredients! How else can you know what’s going into your body? Here’s how simple it is…

  1. Make your own high-purity water with a premium pure water distiller. This distilled water is freshly produced, tastes great and is as pure as you can get.
  2. Use a SodaStream Soda Maker to inject carbonated water into your distilled water.
  3. Use one of the hundreds of drink syrups that are available. The popular brands are Monin or Da Vinci. Take a look at the ingredients, but they usually contain cane sugar, water and natural flavors. You can even get organic versions.

That’s it! Homemade soda that’s made with the purest water and all natural ingredients. It’s cheaper than store bought soda, better for you and doesn’t contribute to the huge waste of throw-away bottles.

Oh, and by the way, our Christmas Special includes a free SodaStream Soda Maker!

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