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The mission of the Watercology blog is to get people to care; I mean really deeply care about the purity of water that we put into our bodies. We are looking for people who don’t believe that any toxins should go into their bodies. These are educated people; people who have an idea of how toxic our world has become. These people buy organic foods and use pure cosmetics, they buy bottled water because they know that tap water is contaminated and they take extra special care of their children.

Our goal is to educate and inspire. We want to make a difference in people’s lives. So what can we do to improve our message? How do we get the word out to these people so they know about us?

Please give us your thoughts on how we can improve. We’d also appreciate it if you help us get the word out to the people you know.  Thanks much!

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    Thanks for asking Nelda. We’d love to have you join us for our Spring Training Seminar here in Lincoln, Nebraska! It will be a 2 day event, May 10th and 11th at the downtown Holiday Inn. We have your contact information so we’ll be in touch with more details.

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