Yet Another Amazing Case Study!

Today we received the following email from “J.D.”, a proud owner of a Pure Water M-6D distiller (equivalent to today’s Mega Classic distiller).

I have a M-6D Aqua Still purchased in 1979. The product proved to be reliable and very functional for our home, but I am afraid it is kaput after 31 years. I am shopping for a replacement or its equivalent. Thank You for your time

We don’t know how many gallons of water this product produced over 31 years as these models were not designed with an hour-meter  (the new units have an hour meter incorporated into the design so we can calculate exactly how many gallons were produced).  However, for fun, I calculated how much distilled water this distiller would have produced operating at full capacity.  The numbers are impressive. 

In 31 years this unit could have produced around 136,000 gallons of fresh, pure distilled water.  Instead of using a distiller, if JD had purchased the same amount of water in 1 liter plastic bottles it would have taken around 515,000 1 liter bottles.  Assuming the average cost was $1 per bottle that amounts to $515,000. 

Not only is that a lot of money, but can you imagine how much landfill 515,000 plastic bottles would have taken.

Now we all know that in all likelihood this distiller did not operate 24 hours a day for 31 years. But it produced the all the water that JD wanted and then waited on stand-by until more water was needed.

Not only that, can you imagine the mountain of contaminants that distiller removed from the water that JD and his family drank and used for cooking – contaminants that their bodies did not have to deal with?

As impressive as this is we have customers with Pure Water distillers operating even longer than 31 years!

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