Happiness Distilled!

Today, I want to give you a few different perspectives on what we really do here at Pure & Secure.

The first perspective is that we hand-craft the absolute best water distillers in the world. You can compare us against any other water filter, reverse osmosis system or competitive water distiller on the market; we make the best, anywhere.

The next perspective is that we don’t just make a machine, but we allow you to make your own pure, distilled water. It’s the water that matters. Regardless of the quality of your tap water, we give you excellent quality water.

But it’s not just about the water is it? It’s about protecting your family from the toxins that could be in your water. It’s about helping your family avoid exposure to chemicals that could contribute to health problems such as cancer or learning disorders.

But it’s more than this. It’s about the benefits that you get from protecting your family from any toxins. Maybe by avoiding the toxins you will avoid getting cancer and you will live an extra 10 years. That would be ten extra years of spending time with your grandchildren, of traveling the world with the love of your life and just loving life.

But it’s not just you. If you live a longer, healthier life, then all of your loved ones benefit. You are able to continue to share your love and wisdom so that you and your loved ones are happier, longer.

It’s not just your loved ones either. If you live a longer, healthier life the whole world benefits. Every moment you are in this world is good. You can continue to contribute and make the world a better, happier place.

 What we do at Pure & Secure is make your life better, and in doing so we make the world better. This gets to the core of what we do. We don’t get up in the morning to just make the best water distillers; rather we get up to make a difference in the world!

 Happiness distilled!


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    This is really what it’s all about! We need to get our motivation from the big picture. Pre-mature disease, disability, or death affect MANY people. It’s sad, unproductive, expensive, and in a way: selfish. Keeping ourselves healthy can be the best thing we do for others.

    I was asked if the distiller remove the “Heavy Metals” I am new at this and I want to be sure the right answer for this question. I don’t know the reason for the question whether the person wants heavy metals in or out of the water. I do know inorganic metals are not consumable. What is the answer? ET

      It is true that various minerals are essential for the proper functioning of the heart and the rest of your body. A very important point to remember is that minerals must be in a form that the body can readily assimilate and use. The minerals that are found in water are in an inorganic form, and are a result of the water dissolving the minerals from the rocks and soil that it comes in contact with. Inorganic minerals are in a form that is poorly assimilated by the body. We cannot get our minerals, calcium for example, by sucking on a rock. For proper adsorption of minerals we need to get our minerals from a plant source. A simple rule to remember is; Plants use inorganic minerals, such as rocks and soil; animals (humans included) use organic minerals, which come from plant sources, or from animals that have consumed plants.
      In fact, inorganic minerals such as is found in water, can be considered to be contaminants, because your body has to eliminate them from the body. Dr. Peter Lodewick, the author of the book,
      A Diabetic Doctor Looks at Diabetes, recommends that people, especially diabetics, drink distilled water so their bodies don’t have to go through the stress of eliminating the inorganic minerals.
      Finally, even if the minerals in water were in a form that was usable by the body, the minerals are often intermingled with other contaminants that are not beneficial, or possibly even harmful. (Examples: metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, solvents, pesticides, herbicides, other chemicals or biological contaminants.)

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