‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Twas the month before Christmas, and I was sitting in my house,
“What to get my loved ones?” I whispered like a mouse.


Catalogs were spread on the counter with care,
in hopes that the perfect gift I would soon find there.

I thought of glassware or sheets for their beds,
but something more significant danced in my head.

And him with his coffee, and I with my tea cup,
had just settled down for dinner to sup.

When I sprang from my chair with such a clatter,
“Why don’t I give them something that matters.”

Away our health can fly with a flash,
unless we take care, our bodies not to trash.

The luster and beauty of deep-down health,
allows us to enjoy our loved ones, true wealth.

So this little bit of wisdom I share,
and please take this opportunity to become aware.

The new toxins have changed this fine world of ours,
pesticides, herbicides and exhaust from cars.

Chemicals dumped, flushed or burned in the air,
end up in our drinking water, and few seem to care.

Like most, I thought Uncle Sam took care of me,
but now I know that it simply could not be.

A distiller is the only way to protect you true,
which is why this gift I got for you.

It’s my dearest wish that you’ll not take this light.
Blessings to you all on this wonderful night!



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