Taking Care of the Junk in Drinking Water – Why it’s so Important

Over the past four or five months we’ve created many blogs, all with a connection to your drinking water, and ultimately, the health of you, your family, your friends and business associates.

We have covered instances where there was E-Coli and Cryptosporidium and sewage in the drinking water. We talked about pharmaceuticals and dry cleaning chemicals in some drinking water.  And of course you couldn’t escape the blogs we did on arsenic, nitrates, copper, barium, selenium, chromium and heavy metals in the drinking water.

We know this junk can kill and deform creatures when in the water in high enough concentrations. But is was not my intend to scare you.  Actually, I doubt very much you have a situation where your drinking water contains all of the above mentioned contaminants.  So what’s to worry about?  Well, there is a much higher chance that your drinking water has one of more these nasty contaminants.  But you probably don’t know, because you haven’t had an analysis of your drinking water.  And that’s just the point.  Because you don’t know what’s in the water it doesn’t mean that its not there.

So what’s the solution.  A well designed water distiller (and they’re not all well designed) will virtually eliminate these nasties from your drinking water.  That’s great for you and your family.  But its even better than that.  You will be amazed just how good fresh, clean and pure distilled water is. Chances are, if you are like thousands of other friends we have, you will want to drink only distilled water, because its great.  What more can I say?

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