Water Myths #1: “Our filters remove the bad stuff while leaving in the good stuff”.

Filter companies often make the claim that their filters “remove the bad stuff while leaving in the good stuff.” This claim is completely ridiculous. This statement simply doesn’t make sense because to do this the filter would have to a) know what specific contaminants are in the water (of the more than 84,000 contaminants), be able to determine which ones are good and which are bad, and then somehow only remove the bad ones while leaving the good ones in the water. It’s obvious that this simply is not possible. The ONLY possible way to control what is in your water is to remove all contaminants and then if you want some “good” stuff in the water you’d have to add it back in. The fact is that this ridiculous claim of “taking out the bad and leaving in the good” has been an argument made by filters for a long time, but it’s simply an admission by them that they simply can’t take out everything that they should take out.

I want to also point out the fact that the only “good stuff” in water is the water itself! Water is the building blocks of life. You are mostly water. Every bodily function down to the cellular level requires the right amount of water. Water makes you feel good and it’s the foundation of good health. That’s it, enough said.

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    Also, some argue that you want to leave the “good” minerals such as calcium and magnesium in your water for your body to use. However, the fact is that the human body cannot assimilate inorganic minerals, only plants (through photosynthesis) have the ability to convert inorganic minerals into organic ones that we can use for nourishment. This is why we get the majority of our minerals from fruits, vegetables and supplements not from our water. Inorganic minerals can actually build up in the body and start causing calcification and stiffening of the joints, hardening of the arteries and gall or kidney stones.

    By eliminating undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids and gases from contaminated water we can get fully safe and pure water. We distill water for using in many ways. More often we filter water for drinking or human consumption.

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