Water Myth #6: Oxygenated Super Water.

In order to discuss the water-related myths on the market we can’t overlook the so-called super-oxygenated waters. The premise is that these companies have (like always) patented a unique way to maintain a higher level of oxygen content in water and that this higher oxygen content increases metabolism and improves endurance.

To address this water myth I am referring to a study by Craig Horswill, Ph.D. with the Gatorade Sports Science Institute. The summary of their findings are as follows:

  • The bottled water that they tested showed little difference in oxygen content from “normal” water. The main reason? Oxygen easily diffuses through the pores in plastic bottles, whereas the molecules of carbon dioxide are larger and are easily contained within the plastic.
  • Even if the oxygen level in water was higher than normal, there is little evidence or scientific basis to think that this oxygen would boost the levels of oxygen in the bloodstream. Studies that tested the oxygen levels in blood showed no elevation.
  • Their conclusion: No Benefit.

If you want to improve your health it seems obvious that the primary thing that you should be looking at is to make sure that it's as clean as possible. Avoid the possibility of coming into contact with harmful toxins. Drink fresh, distilled water.


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