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    What about hese ion ph water machines that claim better adsorption into the body because the process makes the water clusters smaller? Wouldn’t distilation render this claim obsolete. What is the cluster size range of different sources of water. In Arizona I know I can drink allot of water and still feel dehidrated bloated etc. some sources of water did quench my thirst. But nothing worked as well as fresh fruit or veg juice. Isn’t water in plants from osmosis. There by reverse osmosis isn’t even osmosis it’s pressure through a fine orafice. Please elaborate. What about this ph water cleaning toxins off tomatoes in demonstrations wouldn’t distilled water work better. Ever heard about a shackley product that makes water wetter was that just a surfactant or a ph booster. It sure made the soil soak up the water. So much in fact the drip had to be lessened because the irrigation wouldn’t make it to the far side of the field. Hope this comment plural stimulates your blog. Great stuff! On the matter of distilled water leaching minerals from the body of course but only the dead ones that needed to hitch a ride on mineral hungry distilled water. You know the steam side of a steam engine would rust out much faster than the water side. Ps buying an older model,of yours on Craig’s list any reason i shouldn’t ? You really have me worked up about the new product how about you tell me what it is in an email mums the word…..lol. Any thoughts on h2o2 home generator I have to order 5 gal at a time for cleaning and the jacuzzi what a pain. I also have an ozone air machine that thing is the bomb. Eliminates any smell yep cat piss too. Better to use enzymes on that first though. Tanks for your info and time Scott

      Thank you for your comment Scott, now to address some of the pseudoscience you brought up. There are a lot of potential scams in the water industry that can be marketed with ‘scientific sounding terms’ to confuse the public into believing they are legit. ‘Clustered Water’ is one of them. When it comes to water clusters, structured to be smaller it’s just a load of scientific bunk. The claim is that by making water clustered correctly it will enter into the cell through the membrane in an orderly line one at a time. The problem is the aquaporin channel that allows the water into the cell only admits one molecule at a time anyway. “Organizing” it is doing nothing because your body is already doing it automatically. Since there is no scientific basis in “clustering” water it is just a load of bunk.
      Osmosis is water traveling through a permeable membrane from a low concentration to a high concentration. In this way cells can pull water into themselves to keep them “turgid” and this way the plant is healthy. If let’s say you put it in salt water, the contaminants would be so high in the outside water that water from inside the cell would travel to the higher contaminant side and leave the cell. Reverse osmosis I putting pressure on the side of the higher contaminants. As the pressure increases water is forced back through the membrane to the higher concentrate side. So you are exactly right. Reverse osmosis is just pressured water through a fine membrane.
      I had never actually heard of the Shaklee product until you just mentioned it so I looked it up. It is indeed a surfactant like soap or detergent.
      Our machines our designed to last for years and years, the only negative to purchasing on craigslist is that you don’t know where it is coming from and if it is used it won’t have our 15 year stainless steel warranty on it. We keep parts for every machine we have ever made so there is no worry about lack of replacement parts if you do need to fix up the old machine.
      If you would like more information you can e-mail us at info@mypurewater.com

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