Water Myths: Why Knowing the Truth Matters…

Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked quite a bit about the tremendous amount of misinformation and scams about water. So let’s ask the question, does it really matter? Maybe the “magic” water that they are selling costs a lot, but couldn’t it be just like buying a lottery ticket; a huge upside potential with not much downside (except for losing money)? It’s not like it is dangerous, right.

So let’s rewind 100 years. The “magic” water that everyone was excited about at that time was radioactive water! I’m not kidding. Radium water was bottled and sold. Then they figured out that they could line a water crock with carnotite, which is an ore of uranium and radium that decays into radon gas. Instant radioactive water, without the need for buying those pesky bottles.  It was only after a man drank 1,400 bottles of radioactive water and his lower jaw fell off, followed soon after by his death that people started to figure out that maybe this radioactivity isn’t such a good thing after all. (Read an article on this here).

Once again, I invite you to visit the “gallery of water related pseudoscience and quackery”. I have to admit that the page isn’t very pretty, but it’s good. This retired professor of chemistry tries to point out the science of water and debunks the numerous claims by shysters all over the world. The thing that I want you to look at is the sheer number of scams that are on the market. Not only is the problem immense, but the scams continue to repeat themselves.

So are the scams on the market today dangerous? This question will be answered in time. We look back on the people 100 years ago and wonder how anyone could have possibly thought that radioactive water could be good for their health. And the same will be true in the future. But I can guarantee you that although time may make certain claims seem completely ridiculous, other water scams will pop up and once again people will clamor to have the latest and greatest “magic” water.

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