Assumption and Trust with Drinking Water

I could put two glasses of water that look the same, smell the same and even taste the same in front of you.  One could be a glass of pure distilled water and the other a glass of water with dangerous levels of rat poison.  I could ask you to tell me which of these two glasses you would drink from.   There’s a 50% chance you would pick the glass with the rat poison. Why? Because you do not know that it’s there.  You did not see the rat poison get into the water. 

Now if I put the rat poison in the water while you were watching me, there’s no doubt which of the two glasses you would pick – the pure distilled water.

When you drink a glass of tap water, or drink from a bottle of bottled water, or drink filtered water from your home water filter you assume the water is safe.  You are putting trust in the provider that they are giving you water that is safe to drink.

So along with your assumption you place trust in others that you are drinking what you expect – a good tasting pure and safe glass of water.

This is a reasonable assumption given the fact that you may have been drinking this water for months or even years.  And after all, you don’t have time to research whether the water you are drinking is what you expect.  So assumption and trust rule the day.

Some people do take the time to research the topic. 

  • They find that of the many thousands of potential contaminants that can be found in the tap water, the government only requires the water utilities to test for less than 125 contaminants. 
  • They may find that the plastic that is used to make your plastic bottle contains a potential endocrine  disruptor that could lead to long term health issues. 
  • They may find that the filter you have trusted, does not do a particularly good job of removal of certain contaminants and has no affect on others and should have been replaced years ago.

After all the research we have done on water and contaminants we are committed to the process of steam-distillation.  If you are looking for drinking water that is fresh, great tasting and really pure you should get a distiller.   A good, well known and time tested premium water distiller.  With a distiller you can assume you are getting the best water and trust it for years to come.

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