The Watercology Mission

We are passionate about our mission at Watercology. Our mission at Watercology is to inspire and educate you about the vital, life-changing need for pure water in your life. We want to raise your awareness! We want you to care!

Do you know how fast the human race is poisoning itself?


For thousands of years the human race lived in a chemical-free world. Synthetic chemicals simply didn’t exist. The first chemical from petroleum was created only 140 years ago. Only 90 years ago, the modern petrochemical industry was born, and yet most of our environment was still untouched by chemicals.

Your grandparents probably drank water that was still untouched by chemicals.

In the last century, the human population grew from 1.7 billion to 6.8 billion. This 500% growth drove massive increases in chemical production. Today, over 84,000 different chemicals are in use. Over 5 billion pounds of pesticides are used every year. ‘cides’ are chemicals intentionally designed to kill… Do you want them in your body? How about your child’s body? Your grandchild’s body? Your spouse’s body?

Chemicals are now everywhere in our environment. A study of 178 streams showed that every single stream contained at least one pesticide. 20% of the streams contained more than TEN pesticides. In the next 25 years the population will increase by another 2 billion people. World chemical production will increase even faster.

But the government keeps us safe, right? Not really. Local water supplies only have to meet standards on 98 contaminants…out of 84,000. So your water can be “legally safe,” yet still contain dangerous chemicals!”

Of the 830 most common contaminants, many are associated with cancer or other diseases. Some of these petrochemicals are dangerous in extremely small quantities. Newborns and small children are especially vulnerable to these toxins.

We feel that it’s essential that you educate yourself about the need for water purity. The more you look into the evidence that is all around you, you will start to care. You will not take your drinking water for granted anymore. Our goal is to get you to care so much that you will tell other people. Spread the word!

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