Protecting the Trust

I have made a lifelong study of network marketing companies. I really like these companies because they create an army of incredibly passionate people who totally believe in the company and the products. Many would argue that these salespersons stick around because of the money that they can make, but this just isn’t true. Yes, money is an important part of it, but people really stick with these companies because they passionately want to support something that they believe in.

Trust is the foundation of any business, but it is especially important for a network marketing company. If a company that uses regular distribution channels does something that causes a trust-hiccup, they may lose some customers. If, however, a network marketing company does something that jeopardizes their trust their entire distribution system could crumble.

So what does this have to do with water? There are a number of network marketing companies that have tried to venture into water. My message to any of these companies is this; don’t do this lightly! Do your research. Base your decision on reputable science.

The danger is that these companies are fantastic within their areas of expertise, yet they carelessly venture in other areas without the same level of thoughtfulness. If they endorse or sell a product that is not reputable or is based on junk science, such as alkaline or clustered water, they are playing with fire. They run the risk of permanently damaging the trust that they have earned.

My advice: do it right or don’t do it.

Since we are a manufacturer, we have worked with companies who want to private label premium water distillers. We are more than happy to work with companies who want to do it right!

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