Perchlorates & Your Health

Recent reports published by the Organic Consumers Association have found that food and water supplies are being poisoned dangerous chemical compounds containing perchlorate ions all across the United States. Perclorate is a byproduct of rocket fuel and has been found in over 93% of the nation’s milk and lettuce supply and at high levels in public water sources in over 22 states. This is of great concern because it is being found in places that do not necessarily have heavily contaminated water. It has been found in almost all types of produce and even in foods that were grown organically.

According to the findings of the Environmental Working Group, perchlorate consumption disrupts proper function of the thyroid gland and can lead to some very serious health problems. These include thyroid cancer, breast disease, immune system dysfunction, and can have very serious effects on fetal development including mental retardation. Some produce that was tested contained over 100 times the level that the Environmental Protection Agency deems safe. These findings also cited locations in 36 states where the topsoil and groundwater are known to contain perchlorate compounds at some level.

With the vastness of this contamination, it is easy to see that there is going to be a large number of people concerned about the safety of their produce as well as their drinking water. The good news is that our steam-distillation process will effectively remove perchlorate ions and if customers grow their own vegetables they can also water them with distilled water to avoid contamination as well.

When perchlorate ions are heated, they decompose into a simple salt that has a boiling point much higher than water. As we have proven several times over, these types of inorganic contaminants will remain in the boiling chamber’s waste water and be effectively removed from the distilled water. The article that was released on suggested that consumers buy a filter to remove perchlorate containing compounds but also stated that filters and reverse osmosis systems will only remove some of it but not all of it. Once again, we have a significant advantage over our competitors during a time of raised awareness about water contamination and an opportunity to improve the quality of people’s lives by improving their drinking water.

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