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    I have to say that the video has opened my eyes and mind to other sources of contamination in drinking water! The main source of our water supply comes from Louch Corrib which has been labeled over the years as the Cistern for Galway City!! We have radon gas which is prevalent in many parts of the City and County and just recently my house was monitored over a three month period for the radon gas. Because the West Coast of Ireland is mainly made up of limestone we have large areas where it in leaching into the homes of residents but we have not been informed of the dangers of it affecting our drinking water. I would be grateful if you could let me have any links to information relating to those other sources of contamination. The people here are being hoodwinked too about what is in the drinking water!!

    Thomas Ryan, Galway, Ireland.

    Thanks for the feedback Thomas. I suggest that you try to get your local media to look at the video and encourage them to do the same type of research on your local water. The same is true anywhere you go in the world. Anyone who thinks they can rely on the government to take care of them is misinformed.

      Glenn, thank you for that advice but unfortunately it is difficult to find people in the media who will raise their heads above the parapet!! However, we will have a new Government by this weekend and those vying for power have promised the sun, moon and the stars…..but its a new ball game now as the people wont let them off the hook on those promises!!! One of those promises is to open up on the Freedom of Information (it was curtailed by the outgoing Government who were in power for 14 years!!) so that there is access to what is actually going on within the establishment!!!

      Thomas Ryan, Galway, Ireland.

        I think if you wait for the government, anything to do with the government, you’ll be waiting a long, long time. I suggest that you start promoting the Watercology blog. Get bloggers to write about it. Get people to tweet about it. We are working on promotional materials, like posters and business cards, etc. that promote the Watercology Blog. That might be a good place to start.

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