Is your water radioactive? Part 3

On Wednesday we showed you a video about radioactive contaminants in water. Today, I want to talk about some of the highlights of this research.

First, I completely agree with the opening statement, “Americans remain largely in the dark about their true exposure to a number of radioactive contaminants that could be in their drinking water.” The fact is, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT IS IN YOUR WATER! This is the main message that we are trying to scream to the world on the Watercology Blog.

Second, the government is not fully protecting you, nor can it protect you. Finances and politics are huge motivators for the government and as long as the cheapest solution is to just make people think that their water is safe, then that’s what they will do. Remember that the findings of this report is not that this problem has been accidentally overlooked, but rather that it has been intentionally ignored and that the government actually lied. What it comes down to is that it is your responsibility to protect your family.

Third, unfortunately doctors, nutritionists and health scientists are surprisingly unaware of water contamination issues. The articles states, “Many health scientists we spoke to were surprised that the EPA does not regulate naturally occurring uranium as a radioactive element to begin with.” This would not surprise anyone who has done any in-depth research into this problem.

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