The Truth about Fluoride, Part 2

fluoride in waterIn today’s article, I want to discuss the reasons why you don’t want fluoride in your water.

Quite simply, fluoride is a highly toxic substance that builds up in your body.

You need a more detailed explanation of this though, so I’m going to refer you to an excellent article by Paul Connett, PhD, a Professor of Chemistry at St. Lawrence University. In this article, Dr. Connett gives 50 succinct reasons why our water should not be fluoridated and why you should not drink fluoridated water. This article is excellent and well-researched. Please read this article.

I would also like to add a very important 51st point to this list…

Since fluoride is in the water supply, it gets concentrated in our foods, so you are getting more fluoride than you realize. A study by the USDA shows the levels of fluoride that are found in your food. Did you know that you’re getting fluoride in your cereal, cookie dough, orange juice, fruit drinks, soda, bread, pizza, pasta, rice, soup, potato chips, tea, broth, yogurt, ice cream and much, much more (see the study here and also view this page).

So how does this fluoride get in these foods? Two ways;

First, some fluoride is naturally occurring.

Second, fluoride that is added to the water gets concentrated in our food supply. So for example, if you cook pasta with fluoridated water, guess what, the pasta is most likely going to have fluoride in it. Add to this pasta, tomato sauce that is from tomatoes that were watered with fluoridated water, and then dehydrated for cheaper shipping and then reconstituted with fluoridated water. Then, by simply cooking the pasta and tomato sauce you cause the water to evaporate and the fluoride to become more concentrated. So by putting fluoride in the water, we create a chain reaction in which fluoride is added layer upon layer in our food chain.

Oh, and by the way, this fluoride is not listed on the ingredients of food nor do many food producers even realize that it’s in their food.

Stay tuned for "The Truth About Fluoride, Part 3" in which we look at fluoride and your child and "The Truth About Fluoride, Part 4" in which we discuss the best way to remove fluoride from your water.

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